Preskoči na vsebino


13. 03. 2022

Kristoffersen won today as well

Norway’s Henrik Kristoffersen seems to be enjoying the steepness of the Podkoren slope, as he also won today's giant slalom for the Vitranc Cup.

Austrian Stefan Brennsteiner was second and Swiss Marco Odermatt third. Just like yesterday, an Kranjec took 10th place.

Kritoffersen said after his performance that he had a great weekend. As long as I ski the way I ski, it doesnt matter. Everything is going the way it should."

an Kranjec pointed out that he was not completely satisfied with his performance, but 10th place was a good result. I put a lot in the race. Today's second run was better than yesterday's second run. But this is not what I would have liked. Of course I want more. "

Good luck to all participants of the Vitranc Cup in the upcoming races!

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