Exciting like the First One

Exciting like the First One

This year, a stylized snowman, which actually appeared in the advertisements for the first Vitranc Cup in 1961, will be inviting visitors to the Vitranc Cup in Kranjska Gora.

The selected graphic is a work of a student studying at the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, with which the Vitranc Cup just further enhanced the previous good cooperation. For several years, the Slovenian and foreign skiers have been inviting visitors to the Vitranc Cup in Kranjska Gora from posters and billboards, but this year the Organizing Committee decided to completely overhaul the image of the central image and mascot. We partnered with the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, with which we have worked very well together already in the past. Within the scope of the school subject ‘graphic design’, the students under the watchful eye of professor Aleksander Brezlan were preparing their creations. Of the 32 proposals, some works really thrilled us, as they also did some other professors at this Ljubljana Secondary School. The graphic, which,in the opinion of us all, best epitomized and identified with the Kranjska Gora competition in Alpine skiing, was created by Živa Oblak. Živa chose for its basis a poster, which was inviting visitors to the first Vitranc Cup in 1961 and added some of her own style elements. We have asked her mentor, Aleksander Brezlan, for a comment. "Živa has among all the students created the most complete and wello-rounded work, especially in terms of conceptual design and design perfection. She gave the Snowman a breath of life and energy, a dash of humor and a lot of friendliness and attractiveness. I am also pleased that the OC Vitranc has also recognized some of the other works of our students, such as the slogan." The organizers have namely, apart from the snowman graphic, also used the slogan, which is a creation of one of their students. The Principal of the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, Mr.Gregor Markelj emphasized: "Such cooperation is positive not only for our business partner, but also for our students. In such way we are able to bring closer the reality of the profession which most of our students wish to pursue after they have finished the studies at our school". The Secretary General of the Vitranc Cup OC, Srecko Medven could not hide his enthusiasm "The top creations of future designers are just another a proof that our world relies on young people. We have never seen so many ideas in one, and this only confirms the correctness of our decision for a partnership with a secondary school when looking for graphics for our poster. I'm sure we will in future also upgrade this image and thus show the actual value of the selected proposal."

From today on, the Snowman will adorn the entrance to Kranjska Gora from the western side and you will also be able to see it along the Slovenian motorway cross and city centres throughout Slovenia.

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